What is the Sharing Economy and Why is it Good for the Environment (and Our Wallets)?

The “sharing economy” is starting to take root all over the world.

London, Paris, Kyiv, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and beyond. More recently, it has arrived in Canada. So a good question to be asking is - what is it?


The sharing economy is a new type of marketplace where members share (or rent) their items, spaces, and vehicles to each other, rather than from a business or company. Airbnb started this, Turo recently remixed it again with cars, and now Rentbridge is enabling the exchange of household goods and items. Thanks to the internet and a growing cultural acceptance of networking with people we haven't met yet, we can now connect with one another digitally while establishing measures for security, identity verification, and insurance.

So… how does this help our planet?

Every year, Canadians purchase a whole host of new items that initially are probably well used, but eventually finds its way into the depths of storage or the back of closet, rarely used. Lawnmowers, kayaks, trailers, projectors, a variety of tools and hobbie items - millions of items. Now, let’s imagine if every one of these items were shared amongst the people in our community when they were needed, we could have 1/10th the amount of stuff while still enjoying the same experiences, and we’d all be saving money by not buying new.

We can now try before we buy for new hobbies; get that one unique tool we need for that project; add more activity options to events and parties - and the most practical perk: earning income from the items we already own, by renting them out for others to use and enjoy.

Add it all up? That's millions of dollars saved on items that would have been bought new, less waste from product packaging, and hard earned cash back into the pockets of Canadians.

We're proud to help bring this movement to Canada, starting in Calgary, Alberta. Now we can all do what we love, sustainably. When we share, we thrive.

Want to join us? Start sharing.

- With love, the Rentbridge Team :)

Alexander Pezzutto