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+ In What Way is This a Movement?

Rentbridge is a movement away from consumerism and towards doing what we love, sustainably. We claim to have the #1 quality of life in the world- yet we do so as the #1 most wasteful country in the world. We could set a precedent for quality of life and environmental stewardship. We have it in our grasp. Rentbridge is a big step towards that for all of us. Please share this with your friends and help us spark a shift in the culture of our country!

+ Processing Funds

Payments are made by borrowers on the site when they request an item, but is held until the rental is marked completed. The lender sets their price and during the transaction 10% is taken from both sides to cover processing fees, insurance, and Rentbridge's mission critical operations.

+ User Verification

Every member’s legal identity is verified upon sign-up with a zero-tolerance policy for mis-conduct to promote a safe community.

+ Terms of Use (Synopsis)

Upon registration, all users are required to agree to our Terms. Borrowers agree to pay lenders for damage to items, though wear and tear is normal. We cover lenders up to $1000, So that you can be at ease knowing your items are covered.

+ What’s Stripe?

Stripe is our integrated payment processing system. It provides our community with fraud prevention measures, as well as the technical support that makes Rentbridge possible.

+ What if I can't find what I want to rent?

You can post a request. Our guarantee: our team will seek out the item for you and have it on the site within 4 days. If it isn't on by then, then when it is on, you'll get your first rental increment of it free (increment refers to hourly, by day, etc... that it is charged by).

+ How do I make an insurance claim?

Our $1000 lender insurance is available for you. If you scroll to our footer, there is a link to make a claim there. Claims must be madew within 72 hours of an incident.

+ What about wear and tear when renting?

Lenders should take into account wear and tear in their rental price as this is to be expected regardless of who uses it. Damage, such as an item being badly dented, pieces broken, or rendered obsolete in function, can result in the borrower needing to pay for repairs or replacement. If replacing an item, the depreciation due to age of the item should be taken into account. Rentbridge is available to help fairly solve disputes here if needed. Insurance covers upto $1000 worth of damages for the lender while disputes are in progress.